Aeromon Oy

Aeromon wants to help the world understand the true extent of its emissions. Aeromon’s analytics platform and mobile sensors help industry professionals measure and visualize more than 70 different gases.

The Aeromon Emission Monitoring System consists of an RPA-mounted BH-8 sensor module with an active sampling system, a data handling/communications computer and a web based analysis platform, the Aeromon Cloud Service. When combined, Aeromon gives its industrial partners the ability to rapidly map on-site emissions in a flexible, accurate manner, delivering significant time savings, real time reporting capabilities and a scalable cloud data storage solution, Aeromon Cloud Storage (ACS).

Aeromon started operations in 2015 and is based in Helsinki, Finland. For more on what the company does, visit

Press contact

Vesa-Pekka Murtovaara, COO
+358 40 712 7611

Marketing images

Aeromon personnel

Analyzer preparation

BH-8 Analyzer

Data analysis

Drone preparation

Drone preparation

Hydrogen sulphide concentration map

Particulate measurements

Test flight

Company brand guidelines

The following guidelines are a summary of basic online brand elements that should be used when designing for Aeromon websites, content and apps.


The Aeromon corporate font; Montserrat (by Julieta Ulanovsky) is used throughout which helps to uphold the brand visual identity. Montserrat is licensed under Open Font License.


Aeromon UI colour palette is a subset of Open Color scheme:

Lime 3
Green 6
Teal 9
Grey 9
Grey 3

Company logo

Primarily the Aeromon logo should be used on a white or Grey9/black background for maximum impact and clarity. Always use full colour logo when possible.

Available here in SVG format:

Aeromon logo