Emissions are complicated.
They may be undetectable, but their damage is real.

Time for change

Aeromon reveals the true extent of airborne emissions. Our mobile and fixed devices detect, measure and visualize more than 70 different gases and particulate matter, giving our partners real-time process insights. With our solutions you can have automatic reporting of your emissions with a 360 degree view.

Aeromon solutions

  • Emission monitoring

    From urban air quality and industrial emission monitoring to leak detection, identifying fugitive emissions, TRS compounds and particulate matter, Aeromon’s high-quality BH-8 measuring device has all bases covered.

  • Gas concentration mapping

    Pinpoint and quantify emissions through diffuse point-of-source emission mapping in 2D and 3D. All achieved using Aeromon’s high-quality BH-8 measuring device combined with cloud based analytics and modeling.

  • Aeromon as a platform

    For multidimensional and multi-source measurements with accurate location information. Aeromon delivers verified, real-time results from airborne, mobile and fixed measurement environments using customer's sensors combined with our platforms.

Succeed with us

Join the growing and global Aeromon family. Here are some examples of our satisfied customers.

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Global recognition

In October 2018 Aeromon received the European Industrial Internet of Things Customer Value Leadership Award by Frost and Sullivan. In the award write up Frost & Sullivan conclude that Aeromon excels at providing innovative sensor systems, which meet and exceed the changing needs of its customers. If you wish to familiarize yourself with the complete award write up, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Complete solution for emission monitoring

The Aeromon BH-8 measuring device has been specifically designed for airborne and stationary measurements. It is able to carry simultaneously up to 12 different gas sensor modules depending on the needed configuration. In addition, it provides accurate GPS and environmental data supplemented by optional data sources such as AIS receiver or customer specific signals.

BH-8 is fully-integrated with Aeromon Cloud Service (ACS), thus providing automated web reports with data visualization. Calibrations are logged automatically and all data is related to the latest calibration event.

Calibrated measurements

Our measurements are always validated and calibrated against reference measurements, so you can be sure.

Point-of-source measurements

We offer measuments of known emission sources with an aerial platforms with the possibility to integrate also customer sensors as needed.

Mobile measurement platform

With our solutions you can achieve results quickly and accuratly from a large area or inspect multiple locations with real time reporting.

Flexible deployment

The BH-8 sensor platform can be used with any drone which can carry a professional camera.

BH8 - The analyzer

Our sensor platform, BH-8, enables cloud connected measurement from mobile and stationary platforms.

Air quality

Monitoring air quality in the 3rd dimension can be estiblished with BH-8. We have experience in operating in city conditions with proven results.

Different gases detected



Aeromon is a global leader in its field. Due to the unique characteristics our solution provides the company's employees and technologies have contributed in various research projects. Some of the resulting papers and publications are listed here. The links will open a new tab on your browser.

Utilisation of RPAS in oil and chemicals detection.
VTT Technical research Centre of Finland Ltd.

Vertical profiles of lung deposited surface area concentration of particulate matter measured with a drone in a street canyon.
Tampere University of Technology



Our systems detect, measure and visualize more than 70 different gases. Let us know how we can help.

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